I grew up LCMS Lutheran. Gravitated to atheism after a brief stint with attempting to be Christian-Wiccan (lolwut) at 17. Four years later, I've found myself drawn to pagan-based ideas about life, spirituality, and magick again. I'm not really sure where I'm drawn to. I don't have a central focus or deity. I'm learning and gathering info at this point and conducting small rituals/doing small work. I enjoy tarot card reading and Irish lore.

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I really want to try out a new tarot spread…


… but I need some volunteers.

I have a different version of it, but it looks something like this. But what I need is a “significator” (a personal item or card representing the querent) at the centre of the spread.

So, here’s how it’s going to work:

If you want to test out this spread for me, please reblog this and include your name (if no name is given, I’ll use your URL) and one of the following:

  • A tarot card that represents you (one from either The Wildwood Tarot or The Dragon Tarot — the latter which is similar to traditional decks, while the former has its own card names and such)
  • A link to a photo of you (or just the tag you use for selfies on your blog)

I’ll chose 3-6 people to test it out on, depending on how much energy the spread takes.

I’ve the feeling spots will fill up soon, so hurry!

Kat, The Hermit, picture below

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Witches, Wizards, & Sorcerers Directory







I want a directory of the tumblr witchcraft community, so that when someone is looking for a particular branch of witchcraft there’s an easy list of the blogs all in one place :)

Feel free to Add your blog to the list, and include a link, you can add your name under any applicable fields

If you have a category you fall under that isn’t on the list, go ahead an add it, you can also message me with a list of the things you practice if you’d like me to add you to the list :) I’m hoping this make it’s easier to find resources in the community, that are relevant to what someone is looking for at the time, and that we can also use it to discover similar blogs, or new interests


Astral Work


Black Magick (See Sorcery)

Blood Magic (sangomancy)

Candle Magic

Celestial Work

Chaos Magic

Dark Arts (See Sorcery)


Energy Manipulation

Demon Work

Divination (general)

Dragon Magic

Dream Work


Fairy/Fae Magic

Folk Magic

Gargoyle Magic

General Witchcraft

Green Magic

Glamour/Glamor Magic

Hearth Magic

Herb Magic

Hermetic Practices


Kaeleerean Magick

Kitchen Magic

Knot/Thread Magic

Mirror Magic


Norse Spellwork

NorthEastern Magic

Protection Magic

Pop Culture Magic

Psychic Work


  • @novas-grimoire


Rune Work


Sea/Ocean Magic

Sewing Magic

Sex Magic

Sigil work

Smithing (metal/craft based) Magic

Solomonic Magick

Sorcery / Black Magick / Dark Arts

Spirit Magic

Stone/Crystal Magic

Storm Magic


Weather Work (general)

Winter Witchcraft

Wizardry (as a philosophy of study)

Bonus: Volunteers for Research Assistance!

Reblogging, added a few categories, as well as put runewynd in a few per request :)

Thanks, graycloak- I’ve added myself to a couple areas.  I dunno if I agree with Sorcery being conflated with “black magic” and “the dark arts” per se, but… meh.  :D

I tried to put myself in a few categories.

Added myself to a few categories and signal boosting! This is an awesome resource.